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TAD24 -My Morning Rounds


It was cold and rainy and had snowed during the night. I was in the yard looking for interesting foliage. I saw our ornamental hanging spinny kind of sculpture thing. It held the snow nicely, glistened from the rain, and was my final impulse shot for the day’s TAD.

Clear Winner - P1010360
Found this in the house downstairs. I don’t know if it was staged or real…lucky shots for both of us, though.



StreetScene-LinesOnRoad - adjusted
Litterally, a scene of a street nearby…or the graffiti that traffic creates when something spills and lets tires become the brushes of a random set of artists at work.



I know I’m not supposed to eat this kind of stuff. It’s not good for me. Yet, my wife’s hobby is baking. So, almost every day, there’s something new. Today’s TAD is partly her creation (the pastry) and party mine (the photo, of course). Now, will I nibble? …oh, yeah.


Things In My Car

Things In My Car

I was stuck in the backseat waiting for my family to get icecream. I figured, why not tackle today’s TAD. So, here are a few things I managed to photograph quickly.



Had a macro lens on the camera; didn’t want to go further than the kitchen.


Today and tomorrow are supposed to be very cold. Well, today is cold….so cold that, my idea for a TAD required me to quickly jump out of the car, make a few photos, and hope for the best. Parking can be a problem on such days, too. If it’s slippery and/or the road is very narrow, it’s just not worth it. Fortunately, I know of a place where there’s little traffic and I’ve photographed there before. I just didn’t know if I’d find something interesting.


What caught my attention when I arrived was the snow blowing across the road in front of these tobacco barns. Unfortunately, by the time I spotted it, parked, got out of the car, and shot, its intensity had diminished. Still, you can see a hint of it. It looks like the road is foggy or out-of-focus at the crest of the rise.

I usually run my photos through a post-process that applies painterly effects. I liked just one. So, I don’t know if I prefer the photo or the painterly version…

P1090084_1-1920w - painterly

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