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I Put The Cart Before The Horse

It’s not often that I write a song in one day. This week or month, maybe because of TAD, I’m getting there. I don’t ever recall what the inspiration for this was. Maybe I read something that included the adage, “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” But, that’s what must have been noodling around in my head…

I Put The Cart Before The Horse

I’m tryin’ to think up a line or two
To finish up a song that I’m still workin’ through
My problem is, I don’t know how the song should go,
I need better lines to start, I guess, it’s true

The song’s about the first time I saw you somewhere
You blew a kiss, I floated lightly, through the air
I thought I heard it say, “I love you and love is true”
But the kiss was not for me, and you don’t care

I put the cart before the horse, I guess, all the time
The way that things work for me, it should be a crime
When I wait too long, I fail, I know, tell me another tale
The only thing that happens, I run out of time
I put the cart before the horse, every day
I sometimes wonder if there’s somethin’ that I could say
But I still have to find, where they put the finish line
So that horse and cart can go the right way


I’m sitting in a church, in back, and you walk in
Down the aisle so that your wedding, well, so it can begin
The minister proclaims, “Is there anyone out there?”
And I just freeze and wonder “If…what could have been?”

I’m still writing out the words to this song
Hoping when I hear them, I’ll know, that, all along
I should have started faster, sooner, better, stronger, meaner, cooler
All I’ve got’s a cart, a horse and song

Repeat Chorus:

Outrro: (Repeat to fade)
All I’ve got’s a cart, a horse and song
All I’ve got’s a cart, a horse and song


You Are Not Your Age

So, this morning my guitar-playing friend came by and we practiced some new tunes. He’s the singer and I usually let him decide what we’ll play. Today, he didn’t have much to suggest so I pulled up some papers I had in a stack nearby. They were songs that I thought we might consider down the road, and some of my own stuff in various stages of completeness. He spotted one and read through it and then chuckled.

I looked to see what he’d spotted; it turned out to be a rewrite I had tried of a poem I found on the Internet many months ago. I didn’t know who wrote it back then. After he left, I checked again and, now, I think it may be by Ernest Hemmingway. I dunno…you can’t always believe what you see on the Internet. I don’t know, for example, why I didn’t see this the first time I looked.

Anyway, when I first read the poem, thought that some lines from it would make a nice chorus. I had marked them on the paper. Just now, I moved some things around and added some new lines so things would rhyme when sung. I have a melody and chords in mind; it’s still a work in progess, but for my TAD, it’ll have to do…

* You Are Not Your Age
** Adapted From An Ernest Hemmingway Poem

You are not your age, not the size of the clothes you wear
You are not a shape and weight, not the color of your hair
Not just a pretty face with cute dimples in your cheeks
But there’s a lot of things your are and I love how they make you so unique

You are not your name, or all the books you’ve read
And all the words you speak, or the tears that you dread
You’re not a person who hides all the smiles that you can make
You’re not the croaky morning voice that could be hard to take

Repeat Chorus…

You’re the sweetness in your laughter, and every tear you’ve cried
You’re the songs you sing so loudly, feeling happy and alive
You’re the places you’ve been too, and the one that you call home
You’re the things that you believe in, no matter where you roam

Repeat Chorus…

You’re the photos in your bedroom, and the future in your dreams
You’re made of so much beauty, my heart jumps and screams
You’re the people that you love, and the ones that love you
You’re not fake in any way, just honest through and through

Repeat Chorus…

If You Ever Have Trouble Sleeping

It’s rare that I get to write songs/lyrics twice in a month. Usually, there are months in between efforts. This morning, I was going through something online and I came across an ad with the tag, “If you ever have trouble sleeping”. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the challenge of TAD that set up the synapses in the right order in my brain, but that line lead to these lyrics…

If you ever have trouble sleeping
Just call me up… let me in…
I can handle some tossin’ and turnin’
Just let me know… and I’ll begin

I’m here to help you anytime
Just here to help and I don’t mind
Just ask me, I’ll be right there
I’ll show how much… I really care

I’m gonna make – you – feel alright
And we can play our game tonight
I’ll hold you… with all my might
Make sure things turn out right…
And then we’ll sleep… sleep… sleep… so much better
We can live… live… together… and own the night…


If you’re ever sad and feelin’ blue
Just let me know… I’ll come to you…
I can tell you a funny story or two
Just ask for me… I’ll come to you

Repeat Chorus:

I’m gonna make – it – feel alright
And make sure you laugh with all your might
I’ll hold you… real tight
I’ll get you through it all, to you’re delight…
We’ll smile… laugh… and feel… so much better
We can live… live… together… in our own daylight…

We can live… live… together… and own the night…
We can live… live… together… in our own daylight…

Of course, I have chords and melody worked out. That’s part of songwriting. I can’t do one without the other. With a melody, these lines make a lot more sense. So, I did a song on Day 1 and, again, now, on Day 4. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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