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I live in the historic city of York. I enjoy most things arty and crafty and am greatly inspired by nature.

Day 5 Paint pens

  I’ve been playing around with Derwent Graphik Line Painters. They’re quite versatile but also quite unpredictable. Like other paint pens that I’ve tried, you have to depress the nib for the paint to flow. If you get a nice puddle it’s fun to blow the colour around. It seems quite viscous for this and was more successful for me when I added a touch of water. While paint/ink is still wet on the paper it can be diluted and moved around the page as a wash. You have to move the pen swiftly and hold at a good angle for a finer line. The downside seems to be it flooding at times when you don’t want it to … I’m hoping that is a newbie problem rather than the pens themselves. 

Check out the Carne Griffiths video to see their full potential.


Day 4 Where I’m at

Though things are dark

Some things feel free

I am all alone

Yet some accompany me
Though things are hard

Some things concealed

But I’m now able to talk

To confront reality


Though I am scarred

Some things will heal

A long way to go

But the end I see
I’m trying to keep a journal

Of all that’s going on

It might take up to year

Though I’ve lived with it lifelong
For all of the others

I hope that if we meet

That justice is ours

The conclusion complete

Day 3

  Inspired by rcdanek’s post yesterday I decided to use a couple of photo filters on my phone.

My neighbour plants out our communal garden so I got some ornamental brassicas for our tubs by the front gate. I’ve yet to get a frosty photo of them – I doubt that will happen now. We’ve had crocuses in bloom here since January. 

Two of the pics are untouched, one put through Percolator app and one put through Photostudio app.

Day 2 Feather

  Peacock Feather with watercolour pencils. If I was organised I could have taken a photo in daylight so the colours were true. The blue is far deeper and the paper whiter.

I’m a day behind but I will catch up! Definitely going for the full 29!

Day 1 Printer error

 My bathroom has recently been decorated. It’s white and grey.

I have some chartreuse accessories to liven it up.

My all in one printer is playing up. It seems to only want to print with yellow and black inks. I have a stack of peacock feathers. Annoying problem made good!!

Pre – Feb 2016

image.jpegI don’t use WordPress so each year (since TAD moved platform) I have to get used to it again. Usually I manage to get it 2/3 of the way through.

Yesterday I went to Tyneside and visited The Baltic. It’s a very contemporary art space set in a disused mill. It’s inspired and kickstarted me (which I really needeed).

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else does this year. It feels we’re shrinking.  😦

Day 27 mini collage

Mini magazine collage. She always had a passion for flowers (4″ x 2.5″)


Day 26 Hula

Magazine paper collage “She was determined to HULA”

image  image

Day 25 Wonky Shed

image imageWe visited Nunnington Hall – a National Trust property in Yorkshire. It is a grand home that was built in the Sixteenth Century and went through renovations in the earlyTwentieth Century.

It’s impressive with peacocks and peahens; many rooms to peruse; antiques; huge hand made tapestries; formal gardens and a walled kitchen garden growing organic produce for use in the tearooms.

Here’s some photos and a quick (rough) sketch of the potting shed.  …. No need to think about what I’ll be doing for TAD tomorrow  #unfinishedwork

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