Actually, it’s a rather new tin can. It was and empty salted peanuts can and, for some reason, before recycling it, I decided to remove the paper cover. I was intrigued by the shininess and, given that it’s a rainy, dreary day and I have to come up with something for…well, you get it.

FWIW – this is a closeup of the side of the can. The colors are unplanned reflections. The brightest parts come from window about eight feet away. The heavy overcast actually reduces the contrast nicely. I guess I got lucky with that. Given the circular nature of the can, I have no idea where the colors originate…well, maybe the reds are from the Poinsettias in the window.

Anyway, here it is, in four variations that piqued my interest as I did post processing…

Metal Can Variations
Upper left, fairly straight image out of the camera. The rest are more heavily tweaked.