Thing a day




Zebra’s love to dress up…even on the last day of February.



This wise Yorkie will teach you the ways of the force.


Watto Warthog

Flying Pig? Pffft. How about a Warthog?! Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on him.

Veers the Vole

General Veers commands the Walkers on Hoth as well as he ruins the plants in your yard. Beware of the Vole in your Empire.

Urial Unkar

There are a lot of challenges with the letter U.  Subject matter being one of them. But this guy is a lot of U rolled into one. Give this Art a Day a “Full Portion.”

Tarkin Turkey

I was scared of him then, I’m scared of him now…even in CGI! General Tarkin you turkey.

Stormy Squirrel

Motivated by acorns, this Squirrel will end up taking down the New Republic.

Rhino Rey

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