Thing a day



Backbacking Bee

Get out there and do some walkin’!

(Colored Pencil)


Chop Sticks

Prepared for the Spicy Salmon roll.

(Colored Pencil, Appetite)

Ava’s Butterfly

My 6 year old daughter loves to draw and paint, so it was natural to collaborate on a project. This past Sunday was rainy, so we thought we add some sunshine and create a butterfly for her wall. She loves hearts. Throw in an old violin and some imagination, and you have a butterfly she can admire for years to come. Signed by Dad and Daughter.

(Mixed Media)


Green, Yellow, Brown. I’d advise eating it when it’s yellow and after it’s peeled.

(Colored Pencil)


Top of the pepper to ya!

(Colored pencil, Costco sized pepper)


Here’s a mashup of a bunch of recent drawings. I’m running behind this month but hope to catch up soon!


Boy I miss fall, fresh apples everywhere! This apple is from who knows where. It was good, but not as good as the 413.

(Colored pencil, spit shine)


Picked up this shell in the land down under a long time ago.

(Colored pencil, lots of travel)


Cork pulled from a bottle of red wine.

(Colored pencil, wine glass)

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