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I am a graphic designer with a love of pretty things.

TAD Day 28 – I Survived

TAD Day 28 – I Survived

It’s tradition…



TAD Day 27 – Glass Block

TAD Day 27 – Glass Blockday27-glassblock03

TAD Day 26 – Decorative Plate

TAD Day 26 – Decorative Plate

TAD Day 25 – Struggling

TAD Day 25 – We Live in a Spaceship Dear…

I have really struggled today…so I made a quick “coming soon” page for a domain I have owned for a while.

TAD Day 24 – Another Doodle

TAD Day 24 – Fox Sketch

Today was a little lazy and this was something I could do from the couch 🙂


TAD Day 23 – Photo Shoot

TAD Day 23 – Stormy Sunset

It has snowed all day today, and it made for a pretty sunset.

TAD Day 22 – Facebook Cover

TAD Day 22 – Digital Art / Facebook Cover

“The trouble is you think you have more time.”


TAD Day 21 – Foxy & Owlish

TAD Day 21 – Shirt Design, Foxy & Owlish

I have been wanting to do this for awhile. It isn’t exactly how I envisioned it, but it turned out okay. If you’re at all interested you can get this shirt (and other items) at

Dark on Light – Redbubble

Light on Dark – Redbubble


TAD Day 20 – More Cookies

TAD Day 20 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tonight was a baking night.

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