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TAD29 – Sernik, anyone?

Our weekend video project culminated with today’s editing and publishing effort on the third recipe. I spent more time on this video than the others. It’s longer, but I also had some weird technical problems. I realize that’s not a “thing”, but finding solutions is, not to mention whatever creativity points I get for the work, itself.

As this is the last day, all I can say is, it was a lot of fun.


TAD28 – Ooma’s Cookie Jar

My wife and I have been producing videos for cable access stations, and Youtube, for many years. Currently, we’re involved in a baking show called Ooma’s Cookie Jar. Over the weekend, and after almost a year-long break, we restarted production. We recorded three shows but, as of today (and why this is my TAD), I managed to edit and release only two of them. Babak (below) and Chrusciki.

TAD27 – Tables and Chairs

Tower Square Food Court

Borrowing another photo from a couple days ago. This time, with a B&W look. I was walking through a small food court late into the evening; the mall was essentially closed. These tables and chairs were all set up and ready for the next day. The foreground table is interesting. The paper menu is pushed off-center. The chair, opposite it, is slightly pulled away from the table. It’s as if an invisible person is having a meal by him or herself. It’s so subtle yet, to me, a compelling element in this grab-shot composition.

Colorful Vertical Lines Flipped_LUCiD-cropped

I was at a mall last night and saw some interesting vertical, colorful decorations over the open area between floors. This morning, I took a stab at some effects and then flipped things more to my liking.

TAD25 – Some Song Lyrics

Just kicking around a song idea and roughed out some lyrics. By the time I’m finished, it may be completely changed. But, I have to start somewhere.

You said you took your last photograph, sang your last song
Looked back at the road, again, that you were just on
You thought about the memories that brought you all this way
And you’re glad that you are here, right now, that’s all you have to say

I don’t know why or how it is, but this is how it is
I trust that you know yourself and that you also know this
No matter where you go from here, reborn as you will claim
I’m hoping that our friendship lasts, and that you will remain

You say your going to the river, there to meet the Lord
Go there with your body, and go there with your soul
Gonna start your life all over, so again, you can survive
Gonna have that water cleans you, to be happy and alive

Me, I’m gonna be OK, just here, just what you see
I’m not ready to toss away things meaningful to me
You and I were different, I took a quiet path
You were fast and furious, despite the aftermaths

Repeat Chorus:

I’m glad that you have thought it through and know the road to take
Strip yourself of hatefulness and misery to forsake
Glow in the light of hopefulness, the light from above
Will bless you and the ones who care, bless you all with love

Repeat Chorus:

I hope things work the way you wish that things will work for you
I’m not sure at all if we’ll stay close, no matter what you do
If we diverge, and our paths don’t cross, I’ll always think of you
I hope that you will stay my friend, and think about me too

Repeat Chorus:

TAD24 -My Morning Rounds


It was cold and rainy and had snowed during the night. I was in the yard looking for interesting foliage. I saw our ornamental hanging spinny kind of sculpture thing. It held the snow nicely, glistened from the rain, and was my final impulse shot for the day’s TAD.

Hershey Dreams

P1010350 copy

Shot this yesterday but chose a different image for TAD. Today, I was going to try shooting again, but decided that this composition needed to be processed regardless of when it was shot. So, its TAD-ness is the processing. Is that OK?

Clear Winner - P1010360
Found this in the house downstairs. I don’t know if it was staged or real…lucky shots for both of us, though.



StreetScene-LinesOnRoad - adjusted
Litterally, a scene of a street nearby…or the graffiti that traffic creates when something spills and lets tires become the brushes of a random set of artists at work.


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