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Sue Fontaine


Finished one

I started this one on Feb 1 and thought I would share it’s finish. I really enjoyed painting this one.  It’s looseness and transparent places appeal to me.



Day 22

Started another painting 65FDFEAD-AAB0-47E0-9057-39E1A4491A31

Day 19

6BBAAB7A-F882-4A33-B8D0-7D2F7763010EStarted a new painting.

Day 16

Working on that same tree painting and I think I will keep it as a crow on a tree. Needs more detail work but I’m moving on to the next one for Day 17.

Day 12


Working on this again. It is kinda freeing when I don’t like something, to really mess with it. Apparently I am committed to a tree in the composition. Still working thru it. Day 13 should be interesting. Ha.

Day 10


Based on what I saw at the lake yesterday. Spent some time thinking about adding the branches. I think it helps. Some of the details need more work but for now I’m moving on to the next.

Day 5

Picked up a painting I started awhile ago. Still hating it but I find that the ones that really stink, can end up good if I keep working on it. Sometimes for a long time. I took 1/2 shots. Another way to look. 

Day 3

Not really sure where this is going and not too thrilled but day 3

Day 1

I started a couple of paintings for Day 1.

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