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I completed a 365 year of making challenge in 2015 and decided to see how long I could keep it going. I jump around from craft to craft, but trying new things is what keeps life interesting.

TAD cut short



I had to cut February’s Thing-a-Day short as we said our final goodbyes to my Father-in-Law on Saturday. He was a strong man, and it was an honor for me to be able to help with his care these past several  months and to be part of his family.

I am happy he was able to have his wish to stay at home, and that in the end all of his children and grandchildren were around him.

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TAD 26: Lace scarf


Lace scarf

I pulled out a bin of fabric today to look for something completely different, but came across a piece of lace. It had a tag on it that read “Piece of fabric, 50 cents”.  It doesn’t seem particularly old, but old enough the background has turned a darker shade while the flowers are still white.

A forgotten find. Add now it has been stitched up to be a decorative scarf.

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TAD 25: Finger crocheted roving rug



I really like it when friends send me ideas for Thing-a-Day. If I have the materials I like give them a try.  A few days ago, a friend sent me this link.As luck would have it, I had a bag of roving in my stash (thanks to Terri) and had been looking for a way to use it.

I’ve finger crocheted a chain stitch before, but this was my first attempt at trying a real stitch. It is also the first time I’ve crocheted with roving.  This is done in rounds of single crochet and it took a couple of rounds to get the rhythm. Not using a hook makes it feel at first like you are wrestling with the fiber. Eventually, I figured out how to keep the yarn on my hand while still grabbing the feeder piece.

The roving is acrylic and is actually the roving that would…

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TAD 24: Honey bubble bath


bubble bath

It is a rainy, dreary day here today. Rather than put a large pot of something on the stove, I made some honey bubble bath.  I’ve found when I cook, I use recipes more as suggestions than law, and such is the case when mixing up care products too.

The original instructions called for baby oil, but I substituted mineral oil. I also did not add any vanilla extract to this since the soft soap I used already had a nice scent to it. Normally I would rather eat honey than use it for something like this, but an old jar of it had completely crystallized in the back of the pantry.

Now if I just had a personal maid to come in and draw me a bath…

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TAD 23: Fabric-covered brick doorstop



My grandmother used to have a brick doorstop that was covered in needlepoint. In the summer, they kept all of the doors propped open to get a breeze through the house, and every door had some sort of doorstop since breezes can also lead to slamming doors.

While I love the look of the needlepoint versions, this one worked up much faster. The instructions and template were found here. I used woven strips of fabric since I had a jellyroll in my stash. It doesn’t really match the colors in my house, but the fabrics are fun.

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TAD 22: Cork tic tac toe


I tried a different TAD early this morning and it was a big craft fail. I had seen cute votive holders on Pinterest made out of old CDs and since I have several of those ancient AOL CDs they used to give you pretty much everywhere, I thought I’d try it.

This was the result:

Craft fail Not the look I was going for

I suppose I could count it as my thing for the day, even if it is a horrible botched thing, but I still had time, so I made something else instead.  Raiding my stash of champagne corks, a tic tac toe game was created. The original post where I got the idea had the corks decorated as a snowman and reindeer inspired by the Frozen movie. I may be the last person in America who has not seen the movie, and decided  to just paint them in solid colors.

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TAD 21: Needlepoint panel pillow


needlepoint pillow

When I first started needlepoint, I would buy those cheap little kits at the craft store. I enjoyed working them up, they went quickly, but I never did anything with them when they were done. They live in a bin with other swatches and small finished projects.

Today I dug one of them out, and then in a further “use it up” idea, I backed it with the other half of the purple patchwork square left over from making the lavender sachet. It’s a tiny pillow, purely decorative in nature, but it means this early needlepoint project is finally seeing the light of day after probably 20+ years of being completed.

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TAD 20: Clothespin airplane



The wings are supposed to be made with Popsicle sticks. Somewhere in my house there is a package of them, but they have wandered away from the bin of wood I have. Fortunately, a package of wooden plant markers was in the bin. The pointy ends got cut off, and the wings of a small wooden airplane were born.

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TAD 19: Felted wool wreath


felt square wreath

When I was in high school, I bought myself a red cape made from wool sweater material. I think I thought it would be dramatic or mysterious or funky in the way an angsty teenager might want. Through the years, it has gotten very, very moth eaten.  When it got too many holes to even consider using, I put it through the washing machine to felt it.

I’ve used larger pieces of it for other projects. It was a nice base for some dry-needle felting, but eventually it hit the point where there weren’t any areas of it that did not resemble swiss cheese. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to use up the things I have had for a long time. By cutting the remaining parts of material into squares, I was able to get enough to make a wreath out of them.

The moth holes…

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