Thing a day

March 20th (20/100)

(20/100) (2/10) (1/5)

One fifth of the way there.

Today I dragged my butt out of bed and, among other things, tried a recipe I found online for an Earl Grey Mocha “Latte”.


I think that “should” be called a Mocha London Fog, but that was what it said on the recipe. Basically it was a little Earl Grey, a lot of warm milk, some honey, some vanilla, and some cocoa. Well, I didn’t have any cocoa, so I used Nutella. (≦v≦)

But I thought the hazelnut flavor was a nice touch. Actually, I think the only thing I’ll do differently next time is brew the tea way stronger. But I like my black tea strong. Oh, and I might actually try frothing the milk if I find my frother thingy. Honestly, I thought it was just fine without the foam.

This is definitely going in my recipe book for future use.


March 19th

I felt so awful, I spent most of the day in bed. Every time I tried to sit up or stand up, I’d get dizzy. So, since I could work on it laying down in bed, I made another object oriented character sketch, for the other story featured in my Instawrimo stuff. This one was even harder than the first, but I’m a little happier with the results. This character doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff.


March 18th (18/100)

By the time I got home from work and a family dinner, I was feeling really awful and like I just needed to go to bed. This is what killed my attempt last month. So, I kept working on that set of yoga routines I want to make, and made a 15 minute routine built around the corpse pose. Hopefully I’ll find some more energy today and be able to work on something more tactile.


March 17th

After all that work to get that Tribble done on time, I ended up not going to the parade after all because we were having my nephew’s birthday party. :\

Afterwards, I got back to my to-do list and made myself a new fifteen minute yoga routine built around the Table Top pose, to focus more of strengthening my wrists. Tried it out this morning, and I’m going to need to work at it a bit before I’ll be able to do the whole thing in one go.


If you don’t think that counts as a thing, I also took a pic of my “Christmas” amaryllis.


Match 16th (16/100)

Today I ended up doing an “Object Oriented Character Sketch”, which is where you build a character by looking at the things they keep around them. I picked this because I wanted something I could do quickly and laying in bed (it was on the to-try list), but between thinking of appropriate objects and finding appropriate pictures, it ended up taking a few hours. Here’s the result. It focuses on the main character from one of the stories I made a vision board for, and the come as your character Instawrimo.


March 15th (15/100)


The Tribble Clutch is complete! Sewn and stuffed and ready to hide my non-cosplay-compatible essentials! With a day to spare before I march in the St Pat’s parade with a bunch of (other) Trekkies. Yay! \(⌒▽⌒)/

March 14th

Happy Pi Day!

I spent most of today making Fire! ie Burning the massive build up of leaves from the backyard one little scoop at a time. So, I only spent about 20 minutes on my clutch. I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

March 13th (13/100)

I finished attaching the clutch’s zipper and began the last seam. I expect there’s about three hours of stitching left.

March 12th (12/100)

Today, I finished the last of the Instawrimo prompts, except Current Mood.


My Weirdest Writing Position is, at least for the time being, a quote pic with my “position” on why Diversity in fiction is important. Though I’m thinking about switching this to a less hot topic.

My Writing Cheerleader is another cat, who more sheds on my work than cheers, but that is her way of saying she cares about something.

My Handwriting sample is that Kurosawa quote, since I decided to not use it for the quote.

For Whimsical, I got a pic of the amusing stuff I keep on my desk: owl lamp, wienie whistle, stress balls, etc.

Favorite Writing Outfit is jeans and converse. I don’t have a favorite shirt, so I left that out. (I don’t really do special outfits just for writing.)

Novels in the Wild (whatever that means?) is some novels. You know. Outside.

The Shelfie I think is fairly self explanatory. …That is actually how a significant number of my books are currently stored.

And the last one, The Beginning of a Writing Adventure is, well, a blank page in my notebook. Not super creative, I know, but accurate.

After that was finally done and out of the way, I worked on my clutch again. I just about finished half of the second zipper piece.

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