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Hello 2018

I’m hoping everyone is starting to feel creative and getting ready for Thing A Day 2018!


Thank you

I want to thank every one who participated by creating things all month or by viewing and liking the posts.  I had fun and already thinking of my next challenge and February 2018. My goal for next year is making this a bigger and better event.

Let me know what you think we can do differently and what worked.

Day 27 – Y


Day 25 – X

thing a day alpha-24_N.jpg


Zebra’s love to dress up…even on the last day of February.

Thing 28: Rant

So Jeremy comes in and tells me he needs me to get him these papers and he needs them by tonight because he promised the Vice President of the company. First of all, I don’t think we even have any of these papers, and even if we do, they’re certainly not in the building. If they even exist, they’re all at the off-site storage place and it would take at least a day to order them and have them delivered. That’s after I spend untold hours sifting through pdfs on my computer to even find these stupid things. Because he needs the originals,  so I can’t print a copy for him. Second of all, I had several teetering piles of work that I had to get done because they sent us yesterday’s work today so we’re a day behind, plus we have to do today’s work too. And Mondays and Tuesdays are always our busy days anyway. And THIRD of all, I was ON BREAK when he told me this so I didn’t even get to finish the cute picture of Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein I was trying to color.

So, no, I didn’t get him those papers and if Mr. Vice President is unhappy, Jeremy can explain to him why he waited until the last minute and made my work even later than it already was so I could waste time looking for something that doesn’t exist.

End of rant. Pretend there’s a cute picture of Newt and Tina here.

Thing-a-day Twenty-seven and Twenty-eight: The Finale


Didn’t get around to posting yesterday: after a field trip with a hundred students to our local Wetlands… and replanting about 24 tomato seedlings… and just a Monday. No excuse, but good excuses.

Did not stop me from making something with The Only Boy. I had bought a set of antique Japanese garden figures from a local antique store, knowing that he loves all things Japan. He was so excited to put the figures in our new little garden.

I doubt the figures are in their final spot.

And today, I never got to work for a long period of time. I was hoping to make something epic. But I had to settle for just something.

I still have loads of pages left in my sketchbook. I may have to do a collage or two every now and then.

Stay tuned. Or, until next year.

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Day 28: the last one

i think I’m being political, or I’m just hungry.


This wise Yorkie will teach you the ways of the force.

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