Thing a day



Day 11 – pixelated math teachers

“Hey you’re an artist, make a thing for me.”


Day 10 – Astrocat

I’m a little upset I broke my streak. But now I have an astronaut cat, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

Day 9 – Jedi Master

Did some figure drawing with my little brother and also with his light sabers. He can’t really stay still because, ya know, he’s 6. And after the second round we had ice cream… But he was super enthusiastic and even when I was like “no, I’m done,” multiple times, he insisted that I draw him some more. And also battle him, obviously. So this was a good day.

He insisted that he color in the light sabers on this one himself

Day 8 – repetition

Still haven’t finished this unicorn, but it looks a lot better and tomorrow I’m doing something else, I promise.

Day 7 – stars on the butt

A little bit of coloring today!

Day 6 – Fabio Unicorn part deux

Putting this little guy into Photoshop. Finally have a reason to use the rainbow tool preset! 😊

Day 4 – out of order

I did this yesterday and forgot to post it. And if it’s not on the internet, did it really happen?

Anyway. SPORTS!

Day 5 – Cloverfield Paradox

I was going to draw more cats, but instead I watched this insane movie and instead, here’s a spaceship. The Shepherd. Attempted to be drawn from memory, but the second the credits started rolling I immediately forgot what it looked like. Maybe I’m close.

Day 3 – Cat news

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