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Figure drawing

Sometimes we draw naked people. Because that’s what being an artist is about.



(It’s been awhile since I’ve sewn.)

I’m in the process of making giraffes. This is plural because I’m a doof that pinned one of the patterns on backward. I mean, I totally did that on purpose. I wanted to make an army of stuffed giraffes.

Grumpy the Giraffe

I’ve been terrible at this so far. But here is Grumpy.

Day 1 – Elated Ergonomic Elephants

So, Day 1 today happened to coincide with my first day as a full-time “Graphic Artist”. My excitement cannot be contained. And to celebrate, I decided to draw an elephant. (My new company’s logo is also an elephant, I figured it made sense.) 

I don’t really have a plan like I did last year, but I’m hoping this month I can accomplish a lot of little digital illustrations. Practice and such. And maybe I’ll finish a giant painting I started a while ago. We’ll see.

Anyway, I am super excited. It’s going to be an excellent month.

Last Day

And for the final day…thinking about possible t-shirt designs.Invasion-evasion-shirts-1Invasion-evasion-shirts-2-01Invasion-evasion-shirts-3



Some people’s genetics just aren’t cut out to host alien parasites. In these instances, gradually the alien urges fade away until the host becomes completely human again. Congratulations Team Planet Earth! You have a new player on your side.


There is a surprise party for my Grandma today and our gift to her is a trip to the Hukilau. So I’d been tasked with making a fun Hawaiian card. I really hope there are fire stunts involved, otherwise this is false advertising.Hukilau fire breather-01.png

Another day



Robbery. Steal stuff, blah, blah, blah, something witty.
And a Paint Nite painting. At the end of the session, they had to pry me away from the canvas. I could have easily spent another few hours at it. I’d just missed it so much. And now it’s all I’ve been able to think about since. I clearly need to get out and make some real art again.

Days 12-21: All sorts of nonsense

I went to Iceland. So I’m posting all of these at once. Prepare yourself.

Day 12: Helicopter Rescue Helicopter_Rescue-01

Day 13: The Night of Far Too Much Wine

Self explanatory. I had to draw this on a different day.20160221_124137

Day 14: Icelandair

After recovering from the mistakes of the previous day, myself and my significant other boarded a lovely aircraft headed for the land of the ice and snow.20160221_124154

Day 15: Game of Thrones and Icelandic Horses

After battling awkward time differences and surviving hurricane winds, we attended a horse show and met some Icelandic horses that may or may not have starred in the Game of Thrones. I am now practically an expert on the Icelandic horse. Many of the horses had emo haircuts, because it’s wintertime. Also pictured here is an enthusiastic performer.20160221_124207

Day 16: The Day of Lava

We explored caves made of lava!20160221_124313

Day 17: Trouble With Doors

Me trying to decide if my finger is broken the day after smashing it between a hotel door and a poorly planned cement column. (For the record, still haven’t decided.)20160221_124406

Day 18: The Blue Lagoon

Absolutely fantastic.20160221_124332

Day 19: Art Museums in Reykjavik

I saw a pretty fantastic piece featuring a Santa Claus. It didn’t look like this.
Contemporary art, man.20160221_124444

Day 20: Copious Amounts of Friends

So much, in fact, that it wouldn’t fit on the page.20160221_124423

Day 21: Playtesting

A new game in the works, “The Last Space”. (A space themed board game that I really can only describe as a mashup between Risk, Catan, and Lords of Waterdeep.) This was the first physical run of the game played outside of an Excel spreadsheet. It went surprisingly well for a first run (yes, those are Catan pieces), and I conquered the universe (obviously). It needs a bit more refinement, but I’d say it’s almost ready for testing in a social gathering.11261633_10208686743911049_3358967761167503580_o

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