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Where We’re Going

During Thing a Day month in February, we’ve been posting snippets from the screenplay of The 23rd Letter, to accompany artist Patrick McColley’s illustrations for the graphic novel we’re writing of the story.  Without giving away the whole plot, so far we’ve revealed that a mysterious rabbi sends our hero Dexter Sinister on  a mission to find the missing letter and sound. Dexter’s psychic daughter Rachel is on a trip to Israel when Japanese fanatic Shiyama’s Shidoists blow up the Dome of the Rock, precipitating a Middle East conflict that they hope will bring on the apocalypse.  The whole Dexter Sinister family including Dex’s wife Lola Corolla will be involved in the events culminating in the midst of an Arab-Israeli war. There  a few subplots we haven’t delved into yet, like the boyhood friendship between Israel Dan Epstein and Arab leader Ras Mohamed. Maybe we’ll get to those before the end of this year’s Thing a Day. But we’ll have to hold back on revealing the exciting resolution to the screenplay, when the whales arrive in the Mediterranean by parachute and…gotta save something for the movie!


Day Ten: Whales and parachutes

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From a camera trailing behind them we see the rear of the tanks come down and a cascade of water, followed by the whales, harnessed in enormous parachutes of the kind used to slow the descent of space capsules…

My Topic This Year

This year my “Thing a Day” will be a collaboration between me and the screenplay writing team of Stephen Billias and Dennis Lanson.  In the next 28 days I’ll draw some of the characters and a few of the scenes from the soon to be completed graphic novel version of the screenplay The 23rd Letter.
There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet. But legend has it there is a missing 23rd letter that, if found and sounded by holy people, will bring about universal peace and harmony. If found and used by evil characters, this letter, this sound, will cause global chaos. It’s up to our hero, “cosmic detective” Dexter Sinister and his psychic teenage daughter Rachel to find and save The 23rd Letter.

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