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A Few More Scenes

It’s been fun to deconstruct the screenplay of The 23rd Letter and present scenes out of order, and it’s been fantastic to see Patrick visualize and bring the words into pictures.

I don’t want to give away the ending, you’ll have to wait for the graphic novel and the film, but let’s just say it’s groundbreaking, and involves the whales, a volcano, and an earthquake, among other earth-shattering events!

Here are a few other scenes:

  1. A mysterious and possibly magical monkey frees Dexter from the ship’s hold where Shiyama’s cultists have imprisoned him.
  2. Dexter and Shiyama duke it out in the desert outside Jerusalem, in the midst of the war.
  3. Lola meets an old Turkish man who takes her into Israeli waters by piyade (a small boat).

I salute all the creative Thing a Day contributors!

Stephen Billias


Dexter, The 23rd Letter, and The 36

The 23rd Letter is the second story by Billias and Lanson to use Dexter Sinister, “cosmic detective”, as its hero.  The first story is The 36, also based on Jewish folkore.  In The 36, Dexter has to find and bring together the Thirty-Six Just Men of legend, to restore order a world that is getting wildly out of balance.  Check out Seeking the 36, where you can watch a free half-hour documentary using the same ideas in non-fiction. The 36 is based on the novel Quest for the 36 by Billias and a screenplay by Billias and Lanson that was optioned twice by production companies but never produced.

We’re excited that Patrick McColley has decided to make a graphic novel version of The 23rd Letter !

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