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Making things makes me happy. Making things for free, upcycling, repurposing, and being generally clever makes me even happier.

Thing-a-Day 28: a grand finale….


Hectic day with lots to do. I found myself scrambling tonight for some “thing.” But it had to be extraordinary since it’s the last day and all—and let’s face it, there’s been days that my thing was barely a thing….

Alas, out of time and out of energy. But in all my scrambling, I discovered how much creativity constantly surrounds me. And I don’t even realize it.

I took a semi-artsy photo of the first Redbud blooms

I took a semi-artsy photo of the first Redbud blooms this afternoon. Spring has sprung in Texas.

My Husband (My Moon) pointed out the full moon through the Live Oak tonight

My husband (My Moon) pointed out the full moon through the Live Oak tonight.

The Littlest was making up a game to play on a field trip tomorrow. (She made one of the dice!)

The Eldest has an assignment for school to demonstrate how an animal trap would work. Her design and her implementation.

The Only Boy found the Spirograph set and kept at it until…

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Thing-a-Day 27: Colored Pencil Vases


We watched a 2012 Japanese movie called Wolf Children. I am continually amazed by the quality of background art in these movies. (Just about anything from Studio Ghibli and Hiyao Miyazaki is first rate, too.)

This scene of glass jars with flowers kept popping up, and I was inspired. I gave it a go, but I am also tired. Hats off to the simplicity and beauty that we have come to really appreciate in Japanese movies.

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Thing-a-Day 26: Warm/Cool Color Experiment


Once again, counting prep for my job as a thing, but when I’m an art teacher…it’s kind of what I do.

The instructions are to create a certain pattern of lines: diagonal, circles, triangles, wavy or curved lines. All crossing each other. Then pick my favorite shape and color that shape my favorite color. Surround my favorite color with the opposite contrast. Keep alternating warm & cool around the touching shapes.

Here’s the result:

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Thing-a-Day 25: Lenten Lectionary Doodle


For the 2nd Sunday in Lent, a reflection on names and Revelation 2:17….

And the first semi-successfully drawn hands in my life. Practice makes better.

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Thing-a-Day 23: Coloring Mandala


Not quite done, but…

a free coloring page from the library

+ waiting around for my kids

= a thing.

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Thing-a-Day 21: Secret Self-portrait


Inspired by a reading of the Sermon on the Mount, I thought about different ways the inside, secret places of myself are in direct contrast to the ways my external persona would exude. Grace and judgements, compassion and rage, flow-goer and contradictory rules, heart-on-my-shoulder and leave-me-alone…all are parts of the whole.

And God loves even me.

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Thing-a-Day 20: Ice Skating Doodle


Oh, the mesmerizing beauty of Olympic figure skating. I don’t follow the sport except every four years–when the spirit of sport and love of country drive competition and excellence. And this year, I have access to the whole show…not just what the powers that be show in the prime time slot.

And yes, I make my family watch it, too. In sickness and in health, y’all.

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Thing-a-Day 19: Zentangled Clipboard


For over a year, I have had a dollar-store, boring brown clipboard. I’ve dreamed of filling it. So, tonight I did. Yay for plans achieved.

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Thing-a-Day 18: Lenten Doodle


The first Sunday in Lent…

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