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Making things makes me happy. Making things for free, upcycling, repurposing, and being generally clever makes me even happier.

Thing-a-day Twenty-seven and Twenty-eight: The Finale


Didn’t get around to posting yesterday: after a field trip with a hundred students to our local Wetlands… and replanting about 24 tomato seedlings… and just a Monday. No excuse, but good excuses.

Did not stop me from making something with The Only Boy. I had bought a set of antique Japanese garden figures from a local antique store, knowing that he loves all things Japan. He was so excited to put the figures in our new little garden.

I doubt the figures are in their final spot.

And today, I never got to work for a long period of time. I was hoping to make something epic. But I had to settle for just something.

I still have loads of pages left in my sketchbook. I may have to do a collage or two every now and then.

Stay tuned. Or, until next year.

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Thing-a-Day Twenty-four, Twenty-five, and Twenty-six: Too busy? Or too lazy?


Either? Both? I “made” something each day. Which I then considered “good enough” to count for my thing. Which I then never took the chance to blog about. So, there ya go.

Friday, I took the children to a watercolor party at our local art center. I painted swirls on a bookmark. The Only Boy started about three different scenes. The Littlest worked on cats & dragons. The Eldest whipped out a rainwing in no time at all.

Yesterday, we had loads to do. We ended the day with our school’s carnival, during which I spent two hours painting various popular symbols on children’s faces. I must have painted five cats, seven dogs, several hearts and lightning bolts. My masterpiece was Darth Maul with an “M” on his cheek.

You’ll pardon the poor photo quality. A second grader is in constant motion.

Finally, today was Transfiguration Sunday, when the Church…

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Thing-a-Day Twenty-three: Repurposed


The children and I visited our awesome museum this evening. Besides dismantling various electronics, we also visited some of our favorite exhibits. The Only Boy created a pendulum drawing and gave it to me as a gift. How lovely.

So, I used his gift as part of my thing, inspired by Monsieur Matisse and my friend’s art called Scribbleprints. Final product….

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Thing-a-Day Twenty-one and Twenty-two: a Two-fer 


I was tired last night. My table broke. Stuff moved. The table fixed (thanks, Husband!). Stuff moved again. But before the table broke, I hand-lettered on the front of my Lectionary Doodle Sketchbook. So, I DID create yesterday, though I had planned something more. Just didn’t post. For what it’s worth, here it is:

So, today, I went with A Study In White. Full of texture and inspired by a fashion spread of white shirts.

I can’t believe the month is nearly over. I always love being a part of this.

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Thing-a-Day Twenty: More Hand-lettering


A prayer from today’s journal page out of my Sacred Ordinary Days planner.

Today was a day and a half. And I’m tired. But here’s an artsy photo of my planner:

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Thing-a-Day Nineteen: Lectionary Doodle


“Perfect Light of Revelation, shine in us and through us that we may become beacons of truth and compassion, enlightening all Creation with your Love.”

Prayer from church today.

And for always. Amen.

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Thing-a-Day Eighteen: Journaling and Caterpie


My church had a most-of-the-day-long retreat today. I tore up one of the handouts which included song lyrics and accompanying photo and pasted it in my journal with the words of Psalm 139 penciled in behind it.

I got home from the retreat and The Only Boy wanted me to help him make a Pokémon named Caterpie…

As you wish.

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Thing-a-Day Seventeen: Lewisism


I adore C.S. Lewis. I have enjoyed Narnia and Screwtape…Mere Christianity, The Four Lives, and The Great Divorce… Currently, I’m in the middle of God in the Dock, a collection of essays and magazine articles. His writing is clear yet deep.

But even more intriguing is his story: an Atheist turned Jesus-follower, writing books that today’s Christians find relevant and encouraging. Today’s quote is one I have heard, but as I copied the words, I realized just how true they really are.

Who else would know our true selves more than our Creator?

The more I create (however lowly and humble) the more I know this to be true.

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Thing-A-Day Sixteen: Colorful Quote


How boring life would be if we all had the same story. Thankful for community and learning from each other.

I’ve loved this quote for a long time, and a booklet I got in the mail today inspired the collage.

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