Thing a day



Hello 2018

I’m hoping everyone is starting to feel creative and getting ready for Thing A Day 2018!


Thank you

I want to thank every one who participated by creating things all month or by viewing and liking the posts.  I had fun and already thinking of my next challenge and February 2018. My goal for next year is making this a bigger and better event.

Let me know what you think we can do differently and what worked.

Day 28: the last one

i think I’m being political, or I’m just hungry.

Day 27: different

just wanted to do something different.

Day 26: got

just a little left over inspiration from last night

Day 25: game of thrones

Going to a concert for game of thrones music. Maybe I’ll draw later tonight.


Day 24: doodles

Did two quick drawings today instead of one



Day 23: Creepy

yesterday was something sweet, today something creepy.

Day 22: baby G Live stream going on of giraffe birth.

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