Today, I finished the last of the Instawrimo prompts, except Current Mood.


My Weirdest Writing Position is, at least for the time being, a quote pic with my “position” on why Diversity in fiction is important. Though I’m thinking about switching this to a less hot topic.

My Writing Cheerleader is another cat, who more sheds on my work than cheers, but that is her way of saying she cares about something.

My Handwriting sample is that Kurosawa quote, since I decided to not use it for the quote.

For Whimsical, I got a pic of the amusing stuff I keep on my desk: owl lamp, wienie whistle, stress balls, etc.

Favorite Writing Outfit is jeans and converse. I don’t have a favorite shirt, so I left that out. (I don’t really do special outfits just for writing.)

Novels in the Wild (whatever that means?) is some novels. You know. Outside.

The Shelfie I think is fairly self explanatory. …That is actually how a significant number of my books are currently stored.

And the last one, The Beginning of a Writing Adventure is, well, a blank page in my notebook. Not super creative, I know, but accurate.

After that was finally done and out of the way, I worked on my clutch again. I just about finished half of the second zipper piece.