So, yesterday I thought I needed to take a bit of a break from Instawrimo and work on other things. So, instead of doing that, I tried to finish getting all the pics for it. So I could move on without worrying about forgetting about it.

First, I made an album for the project and used that quote generator to make placeholders for each remaining prompt, so I could keep track of what I’d finished and exactly which pic I wanted to use.


The prompts get a little weird from here, but I tried to keep my pics writing process related. My phone says I took nearly 50 pictures yesterday (not counting the ones I deleted).



For today’s Vision Board I have a collage I originally made for the first but didn’t use and a screenshot of my Trello board for a different story.

My Writing Drink is a caramel chip frappe from Joe Muggs (they use less ice and more ice cream than Starbucks) and my two favorite teas.

For a writing snack, I prefer gum or a piece of hard candy to inattentive eating, so here are some candy and bubble gum cigarettes. (I don’t smoke but a surprising number of my characters do.)

I also made two more Writing Quotes to choose from. I’m thinking I will probably go with the Miyazaki one. Pretty sure Bukowski would offend people (kind of what he was going for I think.)

I’m not really big on Good Luck Charms, so I got my timer which I use for the pomdoro technique when I desperately need to get work done. (Arise and put your shoulder to the wheel and all that.)

For Something Green I got my hoodie and sweatshirts I like to wear while I’m writing (and most of the rest of the time too).

For A Little Bit of Magic, I’ve got the game cards I use to help me brainstorm ideas when I’m coming up blank.

For Favorite Fictional Heroine, I made a gif of Lady Eboshi from Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. Though I’m still on the wall about what I want to do with this.

For Seasonal Change, I’ve got a pic I took for Writing Spots, but didn’t use. There’s a bench in there, if you can spot it.

I skipped Current Mood, obviously.

For Come As Your Character, I used Polyvore to build an outfit for one of my most normally dressed characters. I won’t be trying to cosplay anyone by tge end of the month, though.

And for Writer’s Block Unblocker, I have Solitare. It’s just mindless enough to let me just think. Things like walking don’t work because I get distracted by the world around me.

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten.