So, since I already made yesterday’s Instawrimo pic the day before, I got a jump on today’s pic instead.


The prompt was noveling music, but I prefer ambient noise, like birds singing or rain and thunder, to write to, so I shared some of my favorite apps.

I also worked on the story map some more, but still couldn’t get a result I was happy with, so I made a gif to some up my feelings instead.


This ended up being really fussy though. I had to find a video with the clip I wanted somewhere in it and import it into a converter, where it took four trys to get it just right. Then I found out Instagram won’t accept gifs, so I had to run it through another converter to turn the gif into an mp4, which took about six tries to find a converter that worked at all. Just so a stork could tell everyone “Yup! I’m lost!”

While I was playing with my phone, I also revisited Day 6: Writing Spot, and got a pic of my desk at home…


…and got a jump on tomorrow’s pic: Rough Drafts.


I might have one or two.