Hi, guys,

So, last month was kind of a disaster for me. I did fine for the first week, then got sick. Not flu/pneumonia sick, but it still managed to kill my stamina and motivation. By the time I felt better, the month was effectively over. So, when the first rolled around, I thought I’d like to do a make-up month, and try to Thing-a-Day through March. If that goes well, I might try that hundred day thing we talked about last year, since I have such a pile of things to do and, in spite of my best efforts, things somehow keep getting added to the list.

So, for the first (Day 1/31(or /100)), I worked on the clutch that will accompany the cosplay I posted about in my last post, that needs to be ready, preferably by the 9th, absolutely by the 17th. I hand-sewed in some of the zipper. (I’ll just pic it when it’s done.)