Ash Wednesday has a special place in my soul…marking the beginning of Lent and a kind of in-depth look at my humanity, my mortality, my not-being-God. Growing up, my church was in a tradition that did not observe Lent, and so Easter just happened all of a sudden–or so it seemed to me. But this intentional 40-day delving into God’s deep, deep love for his imperfect people makes Easter morning all the sweeter and all the brighter.

I dropped off My Awesome Kids and saw the foggy lake and had to hang there for a bit. Snagged some introspection and some photos…

Then, I have a habit of taking the 35-mile trek to a retreat center to make my own Ash Wednesday Retreat. Good stuff today, complete with labyrinth walking, hammock time, and altar-making.

On Sunday, with all the Valentine’s Day ads, I cut out a bunch of “love”…and today…

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