I’ve fallen behind big time. I haven’t found the energy and have been struggling with a very large creative block. It’s ridiculous. It’s not that I haven’t been creative, I have in other ways, but I didn’t want to share as I find it to be part of my freelancing business (i.e. requests for flyers, logos, etc.). If it’s cool to share those, then I’ll share them, but in a strange way, I find it to be “cheating”, I guess. I don’t know. This year has just been sucking for me creatively, I guess.

All that said, I decided to dabble in a tutorial. This might be my thing when I don’t feel creative, or don’t feel like doing anything other than following steps. Hey, at least I learn new things in the process, like Clipping Masks, for example, which is what I learned making this CD. And it’s not the greatest. I wanted to make another, but curse my meticulousness! It takes me far longer than it should. At any rate, here is my creation for the day.