And a blue version… I’m sorry, I’ll eventually get around to drawing. The demons in my head sometimes win me over into thinking I’m a talent-less hack. The blue is actually a bit lighter than it appears in the photo, but I like how this one turned out, too. I need to find me some black flock and white flock, because I’ve been wanting to make one on a pink ornament and I think it would look killer.

If any of you have any ideas, throw them out my way. I’ve got small red satin ones, large deep red satin, large light pink, hearts (which are clear glass that I paint and have since decided to paint the outside, since nothing sticks on the inside anymore… have yet to figure out why that is), and more. Oooo… I do have square ones I’ve set aside that already have been painted with glitter… I might end up forgetting about them, of course, but we’ll see.

2016-02-07 23.12.09
Blue Damask Ornament